For Eye and Tongue

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Gonna warn you, there’s some questionable linguistics in the show - every now and again it just made me hit my head on a table. But mostly pretty awesome.

I don’t think I’ve seen a representation of fictional linguistics that gets it exactly right yet. But I’ll take representation over accuracy any day. (Or, any day when I have to choose between them, at least!)

I figure, if you show more linguistics in the media, more kids will get inspired to study the field in school, which will lead to more linguists in the wider population, which will lead in time to better accuracy in its portrayal in the media. Everybody wins!

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  2. bbdanascully said: although other ancient/extraterrestrial languages ARE mentioned and represented, just not in a 100% realistic fashion. But again, it would be extremely complicated to try to be accurate. Earth has so many languages, imagine SPACE.
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    That’s what I’m saying! And that’s why I squeed so hard when Coulson said “Get somebody from linguistics down here” in...
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    Not going to lie, I became a linguist because I saw Atlantis: The Lost Empire