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Ah, I see your point. To me, the obesity aspect was just so, idk, “obviously” a side-effect of nobody having moved for, well, decades and eating 24/7 that it my mind it was completely separate from negatively commenting on being fat today. But that was fairly naïve, I guess. I hadn’t really considered the impact on children who don’t really have the capabiltiy to conciously separate, in a sense, the link…

But again, people don’t uniformly become fat just by sitting around all day (and that sort of change wouldn’t be passed on genetically, especially in a time frame as short as 700 years). Moreover, though, I would say that your reaction to this aspect of the movie is the really troubling thing — that it seemed obvious to you, and I’m sure many other audience members, that the lazy people would be fat. It’s not that Pixar was inventing these stereotypes about fatness, but they were certainly reinforcing them.

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  1. mnot said: Yeah, you’re right, lazy does not automatically equal fat, by any means, to me, the extremity of of the whole scenario made it feel separate - but you’re right, it’s creeping me out a little that it was an assumption I so easily made :/
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